Sunday, November 27, 2011

tsuriki13 GIVEAWAY on YOUTUBE~

One of the youtubers I am subscribed to is having a giveaway of brushes and i am entering , she is from singapore(yay~) and she is very funny and good at doing make up ...  u should subscribe she also has a blog and also her username for YOUTUBE is: tsuriki13

Friday, November 25, 2011


I ABSOLUTLY HATE THIS FUCKEN DYE ok so i wanted a blonde medium color and i wanted to dye the foam color and it sucked the color didnt come out as promised it actually turned darker than it was suposed to be and than my roots are the color so it looks like crap and i hate it and will never buy any clariol product ever again it was to expensive too, I will definetly never use it again I will always now use garnier cause it always comes out as promised and is guarented :) so yes no clairol DONT USE IT!
 how it turned out :x
the color it was supossed to be Dx


Review: These hair extensions are cheap, affordable easy to buy, very good quality for synthetic extensions,
quality:good after awhile they arent as smoothe because they are temperary
shipping: very fast expesiually being that they are from seoul, south korea and I live in NC
look very natural teaxtures and such :3
other than the fact that they arent real human hair you can still curl them they are great and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM :) here is there link:  they are about 20ish dollars and they also have alot of different hair extensions for very cheap I got mine in RedBrown :3
 the above picture is before :3 its soo short

 After :3

Hello :3

My name is Annika Lee, I am a 14 year old girl that loves to share her honest opinion, life expeirences, and everything else :) I hope everyone of you enjoy my blog thank you~
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